Laivakone Oy - International Maintenance for ships, power plants and process industry

Laivakone Oy provides service, maintenance and repair of engines and engine equipment for ships in international traffic and for industrial plants. The company was founded in 1969.

During our many years of operation, we have experienced and participated in many changes within the shipping industry and the technical development.

With operations on two coasts of the Baltic Sea, we can provide our clients a fast and flexible service. Nor do long distances affect our projects ex. in the Phillipines, Dubai, Mexico etc.

"Our operations are Worldwide"



Laivakone Oy Headquarters
Uranuksenkuja 1C
FIN-01480 Vantaa

Tel. +358 (0)207 6315 70

Workshop Germany
Posenerstr. 1a
DE-23554 Lubeck

Tel +49 (0)451 3009681
Fax +49 (0)451 3009682